Supporting Education

Helping young minds grow

The Club gives aid and support to numerous needy crèches in the Durbanville area. The teachers are sent to teaching courses to enable them to teach effectively to the little children in their care.

Backpacks are given as prizes to achieving learners in various farm schools. This is a well-received programme as it encourages the learners to achieve better.

The Rotary Club of Durbanville started a library out of a container at the Joostenbergvlakte school. Rotary donates books as an ongoing project.

The project consists of the following:

For each of the 9 farm schools in the surrounding area of Durbanville, for the 2 highest grade classes, we donate a prize to:

1) The best overall achiever
2) the runner-up overall achiever
3) The best in mathematics
4) the best in home language
5) the best in English.

For the 3rd highest grade, we only give prizes as per 1 and 2 above.

The prizes consist of a good quality back-pack with the Rotary logo embroidered on them, plus a book. If, as often happens, a learner receives more than one prize (say best in maths and best overall achiever) then we give that learner one back-pack, but 2 books. The first time any learner wins a prize from us, he/she will get a Rotary dictionary as the book. Thereafter it will be a book related to the subject and class. For us to do this, we keep a database of all the learners who have received a prize from us, in the previous years and what exactly the prizes have been.

We as Rotarians attend the school’s annual prize-giving and hand out the prizes to the learners. If we cannot do so, we ensure that a “Friend of Rotary” (usually one of our retired Rotarians) hand the prizes out. These prizes have had a marked effect on the will to study – they have given the incentive to study which simply was not there before. We have put the name of Rotary out there with great esteem.

3 years after this project started, we had quite a few learners move onto high school (model C schools) in our area and made the grade to Matric. This had not happened before, and according to the Principals, the incentive to study and better themselves has had a marked improvement since we started this project.