Fighting Disease

Facilitating medical services for the less fortunate

A very important commitment for Rotary International has been to eradicate the scourge of polio.

It is at the moment almost completely eradicated at the cost to Rotary in excess of $600million.

Our Club contributes financially yearly toward this cause.

Once a year Rotary organizes free medical assistance to many underprivileged people around the country. All Rotary Clubs are invited to participate in this initiative. The medical assistance is provided by the Provincial and local medical services.

One of the Rotary Clubs in our District receives a donation of new and good second-hand wheelchairs from England. They then sell these to other Rotary Clubs at a low price to cover the Customs costs of bringing in the container.

We are one of the clubs which took part in this project and purchased wheelchairs which were then donated to institutions such as Tygerberg Hospice, Rosehaven Retirement Home and to members of the community.