Container Project

Kind donations from Canada

The Rotary Club of Grand Bend in Canada collects good quality second-hand goods which are no longer needed there and sends them to Africa for distribution to the needy.

We are one of the Clubs to whom they send the goods. To date, we have received 4 containers. The goods vary: bicycles and bicycles parts, school desks, tables for grade 1 and 2, chairs, filing cabinets, stationery cabinets, wheelchairs, crutches, pianos, electric organ, hospital beds and an enormous amount of books, including boxes of new school books for junior school.
Although the Canadians pay for the freight to South Africa, the custom and container clearing, transport to storage and storage are to our account.

We distribute the goods to needy organizations such as the local farm schools, local needy crèches, Ben’s Bike, the local hospice and we also share with our neighbouring Rotary Clubs which will distribute some of the goods to their needy causes.