Dental Day

Free Dental clinic days for the underprivileged

This is a partnership between Durbanville Rotary Club and the University of the Western Cape. The Professor in charge of Dentistry at the University of Western Cape organizes some of his final year dentistry students to set up a mobile clinic to treat the underprivileged.

The Professor gives our club the dates, and we in turn negotiate and do all the necessary arrangements with the places where they need to set up the mobile clinic (either the Klipheuwel crèche or Fisantekraal clinic). We also notify the local residents that the mobile dental clinic will be available at a certain date and treatment will be free of charge.

Rotary Club of Durbanville organizes refreshments and lunch for the staff and we do the registration of the patients.

This project is very well received. People start queuing from 4 a.m. to be treated on that day as we work on the bases of “first come, first served”.
The dentists manage to treat about 140 patients on the day, with many more disappointed people having to be turned away until the next time.
Our Rotary Club also brings toys for the little patients, to sweeten their experience with the dentist.